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The care of trees in a garden is not something that many people think about. They just want to have the most beautiful yard possible, and they don’t want to spend time or money on maintaining their trees. This can be bad for your yard, but it’s also bad for the environment. As an arborist with years of experience caring for trees, the best tree service st. louis got some advice on how you can properly care for them.

The first thing you need to know is more about the different types of trees and their needs. There are many , but they all have some basic things in common. They all need water for one thing, so you should check your tree regularly for signs if it’s dehydrated or not getting enough water – thirsty leaves, dull coloration etc. You also want to make sure that the soil drains well because this helps prevent root rot from developing. Roots can’t breathe when they’re sitting in damp soil! Finally, think about fertilizer once a year during springtime. This will help boost growth rates and give your trees everything they need to be strong, healthy specimens that grow big and look great! These are just basics though; individual species may require more specific care.

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The second thing you’ll need to do is provide some shade for your trees during summertime, especially if they’re in the sun all day long and it’s scorching hot outside. You want them to be comfortable! If possible, try planting a tree that has seasonal changes so one type of leaves are on the branches only at certain times of year – this will help give more protection from harsh sunlight when needed. Don’t forget about mulch and fallen leaves too; these actually retain moisture quite well and can prevent soil drying out as quickly once winter comes around again. Spring may bring rain but winter brings dry winds through open windows after heating systems have been used throughout autumn/winter time! Think about using nets or other objects to cover your trees if necessary, and use a tree stand to improve the air circulation around the trunk.

A few final words of advice: you need to prune your trees every year so they don’t get too overgrown or out-of-control; also be sure not to overwater them in wintertime when rain is scarce – water needs go down during this time, but some people mistakenly think more water will help keep their plants green!

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